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Follow the Leader

One Bingo. Timer set to 8/5. Unrated and Protected table. Play on full board to 150+ points. First Player chooses to play their word Vertical or Horizontal. Then, the next player must place their word the opposite way. For Example, if the first player chooses to play their first word vertically then for the rest of the game that player must play all their words vertically. If the player places a word horizontally during the game, then it's an automatic loss. If the first player chose to play his/her first word vertically, then the opponent must play his/her words horizontally for the rest of the game. If the opponent plays a word vertically, then itís an automatic loss. If a player plays just one tile down on his/her turn, it MUST add to a word going in the direction the player has to play in. First person to 150 points or more wins. Loser must resign. **Restarts are for newbies and/or when TD calls for it.**Kibitz and 3 min. move off. GL2U! Be nice, Have fun and Thank you for Playing!